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Posted on Wednesday, July 29, 2009 in Kat's Stories

This is a wonderful short story by my friend, Kat…

Jamie had always been a mean boy, even when he was in preschool. He beat up the other kids and made them buy drugs from him. By the time he was nine, he had burned down four houses and started a gang (which he is no longer part of). His best friend was this girl, Abby. They were so bad together. Jamie’s mom loved him very much, even though he belonged in a detention center. She never even punished him. He looked angelic. He had light blonde hair, a friendly face and warm brown eyes. But that’s just what he wanted people to think, that he was an angel. When he went places with his mom, strangers would always say how sweet he was. His mom just shook her head. Everyone in town knew how evil he was. Once he painted Miss Flowers’ cat yellow, and another time he handcuffed Little Suzy to a tree for three days. Of course he never would admit to it but he did. The rest of Jamie’s family had disowned him.

One day Jamie was walking home from school. He was in a good mood because he had beaten up five kids in one day. And also because he was twelve. He had just turned twelve last week and his mom bought him a ton of stuff. One of his gifts was a stuffed frog, which he loved dearly. You may think it strange to give a boy like Jamie a stuffed frog, but he happened to like stuffed animals. He owned many, and they were his best friends, Of course, he would never tell anyone that. They listened to him and gave him advice when he was sad. But that wasn’t today, since Jamie was so happy. He was almost home so he took out a cigarette and began to smoke it. His mom wouldn’t let him smoke in the house. Even though she wasn’t home when Jamie came home from school, she could still smell when he did smoke in the house. After he was done, he went in the house, dropped his book bag on the floor, and ran into his room. “Hi guys,” he said, “I’m home and I had a great day!” All the animals cheered. They wanted him to be happy. They loved him. Mr. Rabbit ran up to Jamie and hugged his legs. “I’m so glad you’re home! Do you have any idea what that obscene Mr. Frog has been doing to us?” he said. Jamie sighed and frowned. When had Mr. Frog joined the family? Almost a week ago, and the other animals still didn’t like him.

Late at night when everyone was asleep, Mr. Frog came and cried to Jamie about how unhappy he was. Jamie didn’t know what to do, though he couldn’t bring Mr. Frog to school. The teacher checked Jamie’s book bag every day to make sure he didn’t have any weapons. She would find Mr. Frog and everyone wouldn’t be scared of him anymore. They would just laugh at him and say, “Oh, there goes the wimpy boy who plays with stuffed animals!”

“I can fit in your pocket, I promise not to move around,” Mr. Frog persisted, until finally Jamie gave in and promised Mr. Frog that he could come to school in his pocket the next day. The next morning when Jamie woke up, Mr. Frog was already up and waiting. Everyone else was still asleep. They had to leave early or the other animals would be mad. As Jamie quietly put his shoes on, he accidentally bumped into Miss Alligator. She opened her eyes and said, “Why, good morning James!” Jamie told her nicely to go back to sleep, so she did. Miss Alligator was the only one who called him James, but he didn’t mind. He quietly snuck out of his room with Mr. Frog in his pocket. He kind of missed the other animals saying, “Good-bye, have a great day!” but if they saw him leave with Mr. Frog, it would ruin their day. They would probably just think he left early to get drunk with Abby and that Mr. Frog finally ran away. When he got home he would explain that he just ran into Mr. Frog on his way home. They couldn’t stay mad at him for long.

When they got to school, the teacher checked his bag. He usually sat next to Abby, but she had been strange lately, carving cult signs and Satanic symbols into her skin. So he went to another desk. He sat in Little Suzy’s seat. She wouldn’t tell him to move…she was scared to death of him. So was the teacher. Mr. Frog was very happy. Jamie knew,  even though he couldn’t actually see Mr. Frog.

When class started Jamie decided to harass the person in front of him, which just happened to be Little Suzy. She had very long pigtails that Jamie loved to pull. Every time he pulled them he would be sent to the principals office. It wasn’t his fault though…they were distracting! He decided he had to cut them off. He got out of his seat and grabbed the big pair of scissors off the teacher’s desk. She didn’t even say anything. He went back to his seat. Little Suzy was reading a book and didn’t even notice when he cut them off. Jamie just laughed. She raised her hand and said, “Teacher, may I go to the little girls room?” The teacher said, “Yes, of course Little Suzy!” She stood up and had a strange look on her face. “My head, it feels so light!” she said. “Good gravy Suzy, what did you do to your hair!” said the teacher. Little Suzy began to scream and ran out of the room. The whole class looked at Jamie, with Little Suzy’s pigtails in his hand. “Whaaaat?” he said. The teacher said, “Jamie go to the principal’s office-NOW!” She had never yelled at him before, or at anybody for that matter.

Jamie got up and ran out of the classroom. He didn’t go to the front office though. He walked straight out the school doors and walked home, smoking a cigarette. When he got home he realized he had forgotten his key and he was locked out. Jamie was so sad that he went into his backyard where no one could see him and he started crying. He heard someone laughing. “Ha ha ha! Jamie’s crying! Ha ha ha!”

It was Abby. “Jamie stop crying, and answer a question for me. Have you seen Chad?” Jamie’s face turned red. If it had been anyone else catching him crying he would have killed them. But he couldn’t even beat Abby up. He told her he didn’t know Chad, so she hopped away. Jamie looked at his watch that he stole from K-Mart. His mom would be home in an hour. He realized that he couldn’t wait for a whole hour outside. He had to go somewhere. He walked up to the bus stop. He would see how far a dollar and fifty cents would take him.

The bus came ten minutes later and Jamie got on. It would only take him about a mile…up to the store. He sat next to an old lady. She smiled at him. He smiled back and when it was time for him to get off the bus he stuck his tongue out at her.

Jamie stepped off the bus and stood in front of the store. Should he go in? Last time he and Abby got caught stealing and the Indian cashier with the big fat glasses yelled at them. Even though they had gotten away, he had still seen their faces. He pulled his sunglasses and jacket out of his book bag, put them on, and walked into the store. The Indian cashier with the big fat glasses waved at him and said hello. Jamie didn’t say anything back. He walked over to the candy section and grabbed a bag of M&Ms. He waited until the Indian cashier with the big fat glasses wasn’t watching him and then he put them in his pocket. He started walking out.

“You don’t want to buy anything from me?” asked the Indian cashier with the big fat glasses. “No, you charge too much,” said Jamie, and he ran out. He knew a shortcut that would only take him ten minutes to get back home. He still had awhile before his mom got home.

On his way home he stopped at Jason’s house. Jason was a boy in his class that he always picked on. Jason was playing basketball in his driveway. “Hey Jason…guess what…I’m twelve.” said Jamie. “Do you think I care?” Jason answered. He saw Jamie’s face turning red and he knew he had said the wrong thing.

“What!” Jamie yelled. He grabbed onto Jason’s hair. “I’m not letting go until you say ‘Congratulations Jamie, I wish I was twelve!’”

“Congratulations Jamie, I wish I was twelve!” Jason said. Jamie pushed him down and walked away laughing. He walked home and his mom was there. “Finally,” thought Jamie, as he walked into the house. His mom was making dinner and she gave him a candy bar when he walked in the door. Jamie ran into his room. “Hi guys!” he said. “HI!!!” said all the animals. Mr. Monkey said, “Jamie, Mr. Frog is gone!” “Uh oh,” Jamie thought to himself, as he remembered Mr. Frog. He had left him in the backyard! “I’m going to find him!” he told the animals. He knew they didn’t want Mr. Frog to come back…but Jamie had to find him. He went outside in the backyard, but Mr. Frog was nowhere in sight. He called out, “Mr. Frog, Mr. Frog!” but there was no answer. He went into the house and got his flashlight. He was going to look for Mr. Frog in the woods.

It was almost pitch black outside, but he still knew he would find him. “Mr. Frog, Mr. Frog!” he called out over and over again, but there was never any answer. He walked around the woods for a half hour before he stumbled over something. It was Mr. Frog. Jamie picked him up and began to shake him. “Wake up, wake up Mr. Frog!” he said. Mr. Frog didn’t move. Jamie began to cry and shook Mr. Frog some more. He knew it wasn’t going to work. Mr. Frog was dead.

Jamie began to dig a hole in the dirt. He was going to bury Mr. Frog. He made it about two feet deep, then placed Mr. Frog’s body into the ground. After his friend was covered in the dirt he said a little prayer: “Dear God, please let Mr. Frog go to heaven. He is a good frog.”

When he got back home his mom had baked him a cake. He just ran into his room. All the animals tried to talk to him but he just ignored them. They all sat on his bed and put their furry arms around him. “Would you guys leave me alone!” he yelled. Miss Bunny began to cry. Mr. Monkey and Mr. Doggie ran into the closet. Mrs. Toucan and her husband Mr. Toucan flew into the corner. Jamie was being scary. They weren’t used to him being mean.

Jamie fell asleep. He didn’t have school the next day, it was Saturday. He slept very late and when he woke up he went into the kitchen and ate some cookies. Then he went to get dressed and packed up. He was running away. He didn’t want to go alone so he went to Abby’s house. She would go with him. He knocked on her door and she opened it with the phone in her hand. “Hey Chad, let me call you back…my friend is here,” she said. “That was Chad.”

“Lets run away,” said Jamie. Abby said it was OK and went to get some stuff. They got their bikes and headed for the woods. They were going to Africa. It took them a whole month to ride their bikes to Africa, but somehow they made it. They made a friend right away. Her name was Yemi. She gave them food and they lived with her for a long time.

One day Abby was missing. They didn’t know where she went. They searched everywhere for her on Yemi’s pet elephant, Bon Bonz for three days. But they couldn’t be sad for long. It was the night of the big Africa party! Everybody in Africa got together for a big party. It was only once a year, so it was a special occasion for everybody. At the party there was a big fat African lady who was always mad. She was so mad that she hit everyone that walked past her. When Jamie walked past her, she smacked him in his head. Well, NO ONE smacks Jamie in the head! He got so mad that his face turned red and he pulled her hair. Then he locked her in the bathroom, which was an outhouse. She didn’t even get to see The Dirty Trucks perform! They were awesome too!

After the party Jamie and Yemi went home. Jamie liked it in Africa. He didn’t want to go home, but he still missed his animals and his mother. One day he knew that it was time to leave. He had been in Africa for a whole year, so everyone knew him. They were sad to see him leave, but they knew it was right. He pumped his bicycle tires with air, ate some African food that Yemi made him, and headed home. He had forgotten all about Abby. When he got home his mom had a plate of cookies ready for him. “Welcome home!” she said. Jamie ate all the cookies and went into his room. When he walked in, all the animals said “Welcome home Jamie!” They had missed him! They all asked him where he went. “Well, after Mr. Frog died I was really messed up. I needed time to think, so I went to Africa with Abby. I finally realized that it wasn’t the place for me. The only home I can live in is right here with you guys!” he said. All the animals smiled. They all watched Snow White together and they all lived happily ever after.


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